Top Credit Tips For Home Loans

In the financial world, the regulations have changed, and financing your home is no longer as simple as it once was. In this post, we'll go over some crucial points that homeowners and future homeowners should be aware of regarding the house financing process.

Do not make any payments to collections before your mortgage lender has had a chance to look through your credit report

This strategy goes against common sense, but remember that paying a collection can lower your credit score. While this isn't always the case, don't take any chances until you've received advice from your mortgage professional.

Keep your credit card balances as low as possible

The way you've utilized your credit cards is one of the essential factors in your current credit score. That implies you must keep your amounts as low as possible while waiting for your loan to be approved. Don't rack up debt and then pay it off — this can backfire!

Do not close ANY cards

Even if your credit report shows "too many revolving accounts," that doesn't mean you should close any credit cards (that term means something else). When you close cards, your available credit changes, and if you have balances, it signifies you're consuming more of your overall resources. Your credit score may suffer if your available credit decreases. Keeping your accounts open can be beneficial!

It's OK to shop around for a loan until you discover a lender you like

Then come to a complete stop. When looking for a mortgage, your credit score is essential to consider. If you begin browsing, then stop and resume later, it will believe you are purchasing many homes, which might be harmful. So look around until you discover a lender that can educate you using reliable sources and with whom you are comfortable.

Don't go out shopping

This includes new credit cards, automobiles, furnishings, and anything else that can affect your credit report. You'll almost certainly have two credit reports pulled: one when you apply for a loan and another immediately before you close. The final loan decision is decided using the second credit report. You don't want it to resemble the first one!

Don't rely on online results

Online ratings aren't always the same as FICO scores, which lenders use to make lending decisions. Differences of up to 200 points are standard. Don't be deceived! Your mortgage lender is the only method to obtain an accurate picture of what you can qualify for.

You have the option to opt-out

Remove your name from prescreened marketing lists by calling 888-5-OPT-OUT or visiting Once you begin the mortgage process, this will reduce junk mail, help prevent ID theft, and stop solicitations from rival lenders.

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