Easy Solutions Homes is an award-winning and nationally recognized new residential construction company. Our goal is to bless families with the American Dream of owning a new home by providing education, credit and financial products & services, plus building beautiful quality homes. Our homes come with innovative designs, efficient open floor plans, energy efficient features, and a 3 year new home warranty demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

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Over 300 Construction Projects Successfully Completed in The State of Texas.
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Easy Solutions Homes

Beautiful Quality Homes for Different Styles & Budget

Signature Homes

Our collection of signature homes come in all shapes and sizes with all of today's modern amenities. Making it our most diversified and popular design. All signature homes have an open floor concept with high ceilings and come with large windows filling the home with natural lighting. Our signature homes series is simply the best!

Select Homes

Our select homes were created with one thing in mind, to build a beautiful and quality home at an affordable price so our customers can achieve the American Dream of owning a new home.

Customs Homes

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Our custom homes allow our customers to design and personalize their dream homes from beginning to end. If you have the desire for elegance, your own unique style, and seeking high end features, then this is the home for you!

Home Warranty

Easy Solutions Homes


Choice Home Warranty

Move into your new home with peace of mind.

Purchasing a new home is one of the largest and most important long-term investments you will make. Therefore, at Easy Solutions Homes, we value the importance of building a quality well made home along with providing a 3 Year New Home Warranty; so our customers can be at peace and enjoy our new homes for many years.

Easy Solutions Homes and in partnership with Choice Home Warranty, provides 3 Year Home Warranty with all new homes. Your home is protected accordance with our warranty book and documentation provided upon purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Why South Texas?

South Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States!

Lower Cost of Living

Cost of living: 35% lower than Dallas and similar markets in Texas. Health care, education, groceries, transportation and public services are more affordable.

More Affordable Housing

Housing cost: 55% lower than Dallas and similar markets in Texas. Average price of South Texas per square foot = $ 82.50 versus $ 181 in Dallas and similar markets in Texas.

Better Climate

South Texas offers a better climate than most larger markets, so residents can enjoy a healthier and safer lifestyle throughout the year with minimal weather interruptions.

High Security and Protection

South Texas is classified as one of the largest and safest metropolitan areas in the country. For example, McAllen was ranked as the safest city # 7 in the United States SmartAsset.

Employment Opportunities

The constant growth of employment, the increase in economic development, are positive signs that the Rio Grande Valley is a labor market with high demand.

Government Financing

Due to the lower ranking in education, credit score and capital for family income in the nation, this has created many opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley. The local, state and federal government has been investing and approving grants to invest in this community. Educational and housing grants are increasing and are encouraging corporations to do business and invest in South Texas.

Land Availability

South Texas has the largest mass of land available by population in Texas and in the nation. This creates many commercial opportunities in the short and long term.

Local Resources

We benefit from the variety of local and natural resources that South Texas offers, such as: South Padre Island, ports, several international bridges, border with Mexico and much more.


Due to all the benefits of living in South Texas and on the Mexican border, the population has been steadily growing since 2010.

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