How Does Our Credit Repair Service Work?

Easy Solutions thoroughly evaluates and identifies all questionable negative items in your credit report per credit bureau. We then proceed with disputing (challenging) the questionable negative item on your behalf through our experienced processing department while utilizing our proprietary advanced technology.

When questionable/inaccurate items are investigated and they cannot prove the accuracy, timelines, and verifiability of the data, they are severely infracting the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The following are basic principles of the F.C.R.A.

  • Items reported within the legal time frame, 7, 10, and 15 years.
  • Be reporting 100% accurate information
  • Be reporting 100% verifiable information
  • Respond to disputes with an allowed time frame

At Easy Solutions, we're certified with the F.C.R.A, and by utilizing this law in conjunction with additional consumer laws, we're able to successfully remove questionable/inaccurate items off your credit report.

* Our Credit Repair Program is fully compliant under the Federal Trade Commission and the Credit Repair Organization Act.
Did you know?
"25% of credit reports contain serious errors that could result in the denial of credit, and 79% of credit reports contained errors"


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