For most people, having a good credit score is essential to living the lifestyle they want. A low credit score can make it difficult to get approved for loans, find an apartment, or even rent a car. That’s why Easy Solutions offers credit repair services to help you build your credit back up. Credit scores are one of the most important factors when applying for loans and other types of financing. That is why we offer credit repair services that will help improve your credit rating so you can get approved for loans or any type of financing in the future. It's never too late to repair your credit and accomplish your financial goals. If you're interested in improving your credit score, then our credit repair services are perfect for you.

How Does Our Credit Repair Service Work?

Easy Solutions thoroughly evaluates and identifies all questionable negative items in your credit report per credit bureau. We then proceed with disputing (challenging) the questionable negative item on your behalf through our experienced processing department while utilizing our proprietary advanced technology.

When questionable/inaccurate items are investigated and they cannot prove the accuracy, timeliness, and verifiability of the data, they are severely infracting the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The following are basic principles of the F.C.R.A.

  1. Items reported within the legal time frame, 7, 10, and 15 years.
  2. Be reporting 100% accurate information
  3. Be reporting 100% verifiable information
  4. Respond to disputes with an allowed time frame

At Easy Solutions, we're certified with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). By utilizing this law in conjunction with additional consumer laws, we're able to successfully remove questionable or inaccurate items from your credit report. We will do our best to assist you in correcting your credit score and building it back up. If you're interested, please complete our online inquiry form on our website.

Open to any consumers who have reason to suspect fraud or inaccurate reporting on their credit reports, our credit repair services can be an invaluable resource in rebuilding a comfortable lifestyle. If a consumer is able to prove that they are being illegally reported, he or she should be allowed to remove all incorrect information from the credit report immediately. That's why we do our best to work with our clients to examine their credit reports in-depth, evaluating every detail.  Our team is well-versed in the most effective credit repair strategies available, and we utilize these techniques to help our clients achieve their goals.

*Our Credit Repair Program is fully compliant under the Federal Trade Commission and the Credit Repair Organization Act.

Our Credit Repair Process

Easy Solutions has streamlined our personalized credit repair services for optimal results. Our team of professionals will analyze your report for errors, incorrect information, signs of identity theft, or other suspicious items. If you simply need assistance building your credit back up, we can help with that too.

  • We will be sending numerous company emails during our program.
  • We will be contacting you for courtesy reminders and virtual monthly updates.
  • You can monitor your credit repair progress online 24/7 in your client portal.
  • We provide credit repair updates for 30 days on average. However, this may be subject to change if we experience any of the following interruptions:
    • Billing delays
    • Identity IQ - credit report provider issues
    • Communication difficulties
    • Pending documentation
    • And unforeseen events

Your assistance during our program is greatly appreciated. Regardless of why you are seeking credit repair services, Easy Solutions’ credit repair specialists are more than happy to assist you. Before we begin, however, we like to point out some details about our process:

  • Easy Solutions credit repair program may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.
  • Our credit repair results will vary per client and per credit report.
  • Your cooperation has a significant impact on our process and your results.
  • Please take our professional recommendations into consideration.
  • Please have realistic expectations and use our services responsibly.

To learn more about our credit repair process, give us a call today or schedule a free consultation. With our comprehensive credit repair solutions, you can work to restore your credit and save thousands in the long run! We make no false promises or false claims when it comes to our credit repair process. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way in order to attain a better overall credit report and credit scores in a timely manner.

Navigating Credit Bureau Issues

Under certain circumstances, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows consumers to dispute incomplete or incorrect information with each of the three major credit reporting agencies. When a consumer initiates this process, they can highlight details in their credit reports that they believe are false or inaccurately stated. For example, an incorrect address or name could be the cause of errors.

Once a consumer disputes inaccurate information with one credit bureau, it has 30 days to investigate the report and provide results. If the information is found to be accurate, they will not remove it from your report. If there are any inaccuracies in your reports, their investigations will continue and they will amend the inconsistencies found.

Credit Repair Plan Options

With Easy Solutions, we make credit repair as simple as riding a bike. Once we help you get on your own two wheels, you'll be taking off in no time! It is our goal to assist any of our clients with their credit repair needs. Because of this, we offer three comprehensive credit repair options.

  1. Monthly Subscription Program: For $99 each month, our team of certified credit specialists will work with you to examine your credit reports and find the best ways to repair and improve your credit score.  We will work to remove errors, fix your credit report, provide monthly consulting, and monitor your progress while helping you reach your financial goal every step of the way.
  2. 6-Month Program: With a one-time payment of $599, our team of credit repair specialists will combine the benefits of the Monthly Subscription Program with a lower cost overall. In fact, the 6-Month Program can save you $94 and the hassle of making monthly payments!
  3. 12-Month Program: Our 12-Month Program is designed to offer the most savings overall and costs $999. Compared to the Monthly Subscription Plan, you'll save $288 overall! Next to the 6-Month Program, you can save almost $200. We recommend our 12-Month Program to those who would like to save.

When considering our credit repair program options, don't forget to ask about our group rates. We offer additional discounts to larger groups that plan to use our services for extended periods. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, reach out to us for a free consultation today at the bottom of our page or click the contact tab to get in touch.

Easy Solutions Has Your Back

If you’re ready to take the next steps to build up your credit, Easy Solutions is ready to help. With a range of comprehensive solutions that are designed to help clients gain control of their credit scores and finances, we can help walk you through from beginning to end. If you'd like to know more about what goes into a credit report as well as how someone can keep their own personal information secure, then visit our website at

Easy Solutions also specializes in helping our clients throughout the home buying process, from applying for a mortgage all the way to making a home purchase. We believe that each of our clients has the potential to take control of their lives, and we want to help. If you have any questions about our products or services, you can reach out to us at (866) 832-3542 or to send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

* Easy Solutions Credit Monitoring Service is offered by our trusted & reputable partner, Identity IQ.


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